All About Roll Cage Design

Posted 15 June 2020

Roll cages are designed specifically for transportation and the safe and efficient movement of goods. They have a wide range of uses across multiple industries. Their design features enable them to be safer, more durable and more secure.

Roll cage design features

Roll cages are built to be both safe and sturdy. They may vary in type, but most roll cages are designed to protect the goods inside and the cage operatives using them. Here are a couple of examples of roll cage safety features. 

Braked castors

Roll cages have safety devices such as braked castors which prevent the roll cage from moving while being loaded. This is especially important when transporting a large amount of weight.

Gate integral grab handles

Our new nestable A frame roll cages are fitted with integral grab handles on the front gate, minimising any risk of injury to the hands of the operatives using the cages.




Here are some examples of the roll cages specifications we offer at Distribution Maintenance, and their safety features. All of them have approximately 500kg static load capacity and are available for sale with optional extras available at an additional cost

Full security roll cage

Highly durable for moving high value items securely such as perfume and alcohol. This full security roll cage with integral folding top lid and mesh panel infil offers compact nestability and enhanced product security. An integral folding shelf can be fitted if required

Four-sided roll cage

The versatile 4-sided nesting A-frame cage has a 25mm diameter trombone section outer frame for added strength and a full height hinged front gate to safely retain the load. Popular in a variety of industries including automotive and healthcare, the cage is manufactured from high grade steel and has a durable bright zinc plated finish

Three-sided roll cage

The three-sided roll cage is a good multi-use option and comes with either a mesh or rod panel infill. With easy access to the cage load, they are ideal for use in the foodservice, retail and hospitality sectors. Nylon retention straps can be supplied to retain product should this be required.

Identification features

Along with both roll cage repair and roll cage sales, at Distribution Maintenance, we also offer added identification features with your roll cages. 

Name Plates

We are able to supply an engraved name plate with your choice of wording. Generally people opt for getting their company name etched onto the plate for identification and to deter other people from taking the cages.

Top Corner Sprayed

Alternatively, you can choose to have the top corners of your roll cages sprayed. Mark the top corners of your roll cages with your branded colours for easy identification and to prevent them from getting stolen or used by other companies. 

Here at Distribution Maintenance, roll cage safety and security are paramount. We offer both brand new roll cages and refurbished roll cages for sale and all of our used cages are refurbished to an excellent, clean and safe working condition


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