May 2020

Is Your Warehouse Social Distance Compliant?

26 May 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, businesses must comply with social distancing measures, to keep their employees safe and limit the spread of the virus. Those who are concerned about social distancing in their own warehouses are well-advised to consider the following ideas.

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The Unprecedented Demand On Supermarket Supply Chains

18 May 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic has swept across the globe, supermarkets worldwide are experiencing an unprecedented demand on stock. An efficient supply chain is absolutely crucial at this time. Without adequate preparation and response, supermarkets may find themselves struggling to manage their inventories.

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“We have used Distribution Maintenance for over 10 years and they are our go to company for all distribution equipment repairs, never any hassle and does exactly what it says on the tin. ”

Paul – Facilities Manager

Suppliers to a wide range of industries

Our clients from a wide range of industry sectors have been relying on us since 1982 to deliver a dependable repair service and to supply refurbished roll cages. We understand the challenges of distribution in your sector and the importance of keeping your transit equipment wheels rolling. 

Retailers and supermarkets

Food distributors and wholesalers

Healthcare providers

Supply chain and logistics companies

Laundry and linen services

Automotive industry

Travel industries