Roll cage rental

Distribution Maintenance is able to provide a unique cage rental service which is unbeaten in the market. Through our partner company Roll Cage Rental we can provide a rental service which not only minimises your cage losses but also enables you to benefit from an exclusive, nationwide cage recovery service.

Unique service

Our unique rental scheme offers a real difference as we focus on the “True Rental Cost” (TRC) as explained below.

There are two types of cost involved in renting a roll cage:

  • Quoted Rental Charge - calculated as a daily rate per cage;
  • Cost of Terminal Losses -  calculated as the cost charged for every cage not returned to the renter, or not found during a periodic audit.

When the two charges are aggregated a True Rental Cost (TRC) per cage is produced. The rental industry standard rental model focuses on low daily rental charges but the result is high cage losses because there is no recovery scheme.

Our rental model uses our unique recovery service to bring down your True Rental Cost and minimise any nasty surprise charges at the end of your cage rental period.

The benefits

These are primarily driven by the way that our service is aimed to protect your rental fleet of cages. Our service has the following benefits versus other rental cage providers:

  • Unique access to the recovery services provided by ACQSYS Supply Chain Solutions Limited.
  • We find and recover some of the rental cages you may have lost. We keep those cages and de-hire them from your account.
  • We inform you of this and you can request replacements up to the original license amount, if you wish.
  • At the end of the rental period, any shortfall in cages returned to us is offset by the number we recovered.
  • So, if you lose 60 but we found 40, you are only charged for 20.
  • The daily rental charge may be higher than the industry standard but this is more than compensated for in the overall True Rental Cost (TRC).
  • Combining the rental charge with the terminal loss charge creates an aggregated True Rental Cost (TRC) and this is lower with our scheme than the standard market offerings.
  • Our daily rental charge will not necessarily always be higher but the recovery rate will always bring the TRC down.
  • Our rental periods can be completely tailored to your needs.
  • Your cages may be employed in a different type of network and this will affect the rate of recovery of lost rental cages, so each contract will be individually tailored to your needs.

Contact us now and find out how much you could be saving on your roll cage rental.

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“When we are buying equipment at ACQSYS we look for reliability, flexibility and value for money. That’s exactly what we get from Distribution Maintenance and we don’t feel the need to look anywhere else. ”

Bill Howie, Chief Executive. ACQSYS Supply Chain Solutions Ltd

Suppliers to a wide range of industries

Our clients from a wide range of industry sectors have been relying on us since 1982 to deliver a dependable repair service and to supply refurbished roll cages. We understand the challenges of distribution in your sector and the importance of keeping your transit equipment wheels rolling. 

Retailers and supermarkets

Food distributors and wholesalers

Healthcare providers

Supply chain and logistics companies

Laundry and linen services

Automotive industry

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